Vaxicorn Easy Coop Guide

Vaxicorn Easy Coop Guide

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Sufficient Chicken Coop Conditions
Providing your birds with proper housing is perfectly necessary to maintain your birds in good condition, contented and happy.

As a rule, for a chicken coop being satisfactory for the birds, it must satisfy the following requirements:
It have to be predator-proof from just about all sides. Make sure all openings are protected while using the correct size connected with wire mesh 15mm square making sure that so that predators cannot reach inside this coop!
Make sure the area encompassing the coop can be protected with wire-mesh fencing with all the base buried no less than 30cm below walk out to prevent foxes and also rats from burrowing in to the area. Rats would specifically be drawn into the area because involving chicken droppings.
Make sure this coop is well ventilated (but circuitously in the stream of air) to prevent respiratory diseases. Although chickens can stand cold temperature they can not really withstand being inside direct path on the wind.
Make sure the coop put in at home to clean.
You should provide roosting poles on your birds because that is where they sleep! Make sure there's adequate spacing so that they don't crowd out the other person.
Put 1 nest box for every four or five birds in a new dark corner in the coop to promote your chickens in order to lay eggs. Nest boxes should be slightly off the floor but below the roosting rod inside.
Make sure the coop is roomy enough to the birds to roam around once they are inside, at the very least 4 square toes per bird.
There ought to be a waterer and feeder inside chicken coop.
For effortless disposal of excrement, place a easily-removed plastic tray beneath the roosting poles.

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* Because of potential trademark issues we've called the product ‘Vaxicorn Easy Coop Guide’ rather than using the trademarked title.

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